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  • Male rhinoplasty is a facial plastic surgery procedure that may involve one or more advanced technique (e.g., grafting, augmenting or reducing bone and cartilage, specialized incisions and suturing) to produce a nose that appears attractive, strong and symmetric. Some of the techniques used in male rhinoplasty are also used in female rhinoplasty, but often for different purposes.

    How is Male Rhinoplasty Different from Female Rhinoplasty?

    For the most part, male and female rhinoplasty are similar. But they are often performed with different objectives in mind, because some features are viewed as being more masculine and others more feminine. Facial characteristics that are generally considered to be masculine include a prominent brow, strong jawline, thick beard and fairly projecting nose. Men also have thick, heavy skin. The nasoglabellar area (junction of the nose and forehead) has a different contour in men, as does the chin. Facial plastic surgeons must pay close attention to such factors when performing rhinoplasty or any other facial plastic procedure.

    Does Rhinoplasty Make You Less Masculine?

    Rhinoplasty does not make you less masculine. In fact, if performed correctly it can make you appear more masculine.

    Furthermore, the stigma associated with men and plastic surgery is a thing of the past. More and more men are choosing to have rhinoplasty and other facial plastic procedures to improve their appearance, compete in the workplace and achieve a more masculine nose.

    What is the Goal and Technique of Male Rhinoplasty?

    The goal of male rhinoplasty is to alter the structures of the nose in a way that produces a strong, handsome, symmetrical new shape that is in harmony with the other features of the face. During male rhinoplasty one or more techniques may be utilized to produce the optimal result. The following goals can potentially be accomplished:

    • Make the nose more symmetrical
    • Eliminate a hump or bump
    • Alter the tip shape
    • Alter the size of the nose
    • Alter the width of the bridge
    • Thin out the nasal tip
    • Correct a crooked, long, asymmetric, twisted or big nose
    • Make the nostrils bigger or smaller
    • Improve the way the nose looks from the profile
    • Improve the function of the turbinates and other internal structures
    • Take care of other functional problems in order to improve breathing

    In addition, male rhinoplasty can be used to address issues stemming from a primary rhinoplasty procedure, such as a nasal collapse or over-resection.

    A number of different methods may be used to accomplish the patient’s goals, depending on his needs and goals. Examples include cartilage grafting, removing cartilage, defatting and specialized suturing methods.

    While tip alterations may be made in some cases, the surgeon must take care to avoid elevating the tip too much, as this may result in a feminine appearance.

    The surgeon may reshape, flatten or narrow the lower lateral cartilages to change the shape of the tip. However, these cartilages must be treated with extra care as they play a major role in the way the nasal tip looks. In some cases the surgeon may use permanent sutures in the nasal dome area. Dome-binding sutures can bring the cartilages closer together, in which case the sutures will likely be placed both below and above the nasal tip.

    Preparing for Rhinoplasty

    It is very important that you inform yourself of what to expect from and how to prepare for your male rhinoplasty procedure. You can start by going online and conducting some research. Make sure to read about every factor involved including recovery, potential complications and cost.

    If you happen to be taking steroids or strength-enhancing supplements it is imperative that you stop immediately and inform your facial plastic surgeon, so that he or she can help you properly wean yourself off of these dangerous substances and make sure you are safe during your rhinoplasty procedure.

    If you smoke, it is extremely important that you stop at least a few weeks prior to your procedure.

    Also cease taking any blood thinners like ibuprofen or aspirin as well as supplements like fish oil, garlic, Ginko Biloba and St. Johns Wart. You should also avoid herbal tea, as well as alcohol for two days before your procedure.

    To learn more, find a board certified facial plastic surgeon at the website of the American Board of Facial Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery (ABFPRS).

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