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  • Considering whether to allow your teen to undergo rhinoplasty can be difficult and should be approached cautiously. As teenagers are undergoing numerous changes during their teen years, it is extremely important to understand the motives behind their desire for a rhinoplasty and their expectations from the procedure. Many teens are highly susceptible to external pressures, but most issues may not be remedied simply by undergoing a reconstructive surgery. Beliefs that preexisting social situations will improve due to surgery may be unfounded and can result in further mental stress for teenage patients. Once reasonable expectations and mutual understandings are set, the surgery may be done similarly to any other rhinoplasty procedure.

    Cosmetic rhinoplasty can be performed on a teen only once their nose has grown to its adult size, typically around the age of fifteen. In the event of breathing problems caused by physical deformations of the nose or trauma, rhinoplasty can offer an elegant solution. Sports injuries that result in a broken nose are more common in teenagers, and skilled rhinoplasty surgeons can restore complete functionality without altering the original appearance of the nose, if desired. Dr. Rizk, at his practice which is located in NYC, has extensive experience in all types of rhinoplasty surgery, including teen rhinoplasty.

    Still in their youthful prime, teens generally recover very quickly from rhinoplasty. Coupled with Dr. Rizk’s advanced 3D visualization equipment, many teens return to normal activities within a few weeks. Problems typically addressed include removing unsightly bumps or depressions and altering the overall size and definition of the nose. While some patients find it hard to resist requesting a particular celebrity’s nose, such requests may give Dr. Rizk a better idea of the patient’s desires. The importance of matching the nose to the patient’s face, however, is something Dr. Rizk insists that his patients understand. Unnatural-looking results are often due to a lack of understanding that a single facial element cannot be altered without considering the rest of the face.

    Areas of pronounced bulges are reduced using small rotational tools. Custom-designed grafts can be implanted to provide further definition to the nose and strengthen the tip. Incisions are made almost exclusively in areas that are naturally hidden from sight. It is also important for patients to understand that the final result will not be fully visible for at least several months. A cast and associated splints are used for a limited time to maintain stability and allow for a speedy recovery. There may be some minor swelling, pain, and/or discomfort during the recovery process, which may be alleviated using standard painkillers.

    Dr. Rizk is a double-board certified plastic surgeon, specializing in facial reconstruction. His patients come from a very broad range of backgrounds and he is highly experienced in dealing with various concerns. Using technologies that he has developed himself, he is able to ensure the safest and most effective results. Rhinoplasty surgery for teens can be a valuable option for raising self-confidence and correcting certain cosmetic or functional issues. Contact Dr. Sam Rizk’s office to schedule a consultation.

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