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  • Plastic Surgery Practice Journal features Dr Rizk’s customized ethnic rhinoplasty

    Plastic Surgery Practice Magazine features Dr.Rizk discussing the specifics of ethnic rhinoplasty. He goes into depth discussing the differences between traditional rhinoplasty and his approach to address the issue for his multiethnic patients. He also speaks about how some Asians and African Americans typically have a low dorsum. He explores rhinoplasty in ethnic men and the growing popularity of the procedure in the Middle East, and finishes off discussing how Ethnic Preservation rhinoplasty is the most difficult aspect of ethnic rhinoplasty.

    To read more, please click here.

    Russian based TATLER Magazine

    Tatler Magazine features Dr. Rizk as a Star Plastic Surgeon of New York in the article titled “Embassies of Beauty”. Dr. Rizk’s Facial Plastic Surgery practice is described as “luxurious office located at Park Avenue with high end technologies including the latest 3D telescope system”. Dr. Rizk is famous for use of a high definition 3D telescope technology, ” The procedure that is famous for its quick recovery with undetectable scars”. In addition, the article emphasizes that Dr. Rizk and his multi-lingual staff is ” an extra bonus for those patients who do not speak English”.

    To read more, please click here.

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