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  • Although some patients experience breathing problems following rhinoplasty, this is not common and is usually temporary. When performed correctly on a good candidate, rhinoplasty can actually improve breathing. Advances in technique over the past 15 years have minimized problems that might cause breathing difficulty, such as a collapse in the nose’s structural support. Modern suture and graft techniques can leave the nose stronger than it was prior to the surgery.

    Following rhinoplasty, all patients experience swelling of the nose and surrounding tissues. This can cause congestion that can affect breathing, but this is temporary (up to a few weeks). Normal crusting also can have a minor effect on breathing. In rare cases, complications that can affect breathing may arise as a result of the surgery itself. These include a perforated or deviated septum, nasal collapse, scarring, narrowing of the nasal airways, and large-scale alterations in nose structure. Dr. Rizk is renowned for his ability to restore breathing while improving the appearance of the nose by reconstructing cartilage bone that was removed in prior surgeries.

    The best way to avoid breathing problems and achieve optimal cosmetic results is to choose a facial plastic surgeon who specializes in rhinoplasty procedures. An experienced, well-trained rhinoplasty specialist is usually able to provide positive results in terms of both form and function. Your nose surgery specialist will evaluate you prior to surgery to determine if you have any pre-existing conditions that preclude rhinoplasty, or that require other treatments or surgeries. For example, patients experiencing breathing problems prior to surgery may require procedures such as septoplasty or turbinate surgery. Contact Dr. Rizk to learn more.

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