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  • Dr. Rizk Featured on MedEsthetics as One of NYC’s Top Facial Plastic Surgeons

    Dr. Rizk featured on Yahoo! Sports – Clint Dempsey’s dilemma – To mask or not to mask?

    NYC-based rhinoplasty expert Dr. Sam Rizk offers his professional opinion on Clint Dempsey’s mask dilemma. Dr. Rizk tells Yahoo! Sports a mask is the best way to avoid further injury to the soccer captain’s nose.

    Dr. Rizk featured in Telegraph.co.uk BEAUTY

    Dr. Rizk will be a guest speaker at the International Federation of Facial Plastic Surgery Societies (IFPSS)

    Dr. Rizk’s lectures:

    Latest Advances in Rhinoplasty Surgery – profile reduction and cartilage sculpting using microsurgical powered instruments and high definition endoscopy

    Customized Facelift Surgery – latest advances

    Examiner- Everything you need to know about Plastic Surgery

    Click here to read more Q&A’s.

    Russian based TATLER Magazine

    Tatler Magazine features Dr. Rizk as a Star Plastic Surgeon of New York in the article titled “Embassies of Beauty”. Dr. Rizk’s Facial Plastic Surgery practice is described as “luxurious office located at Park Avenue with high end technologies including the latest 3D telescope system”. Dr. Rizk is famous for use of a high definition 3D telescope technology, ” The procedure that is famous for its quick recovery with undetectable scars”. In addition, the article emphasizes that Dr. Rizk and his multi-lingual staff is ” an extra bonus for those patients who do not speak English”.

    To read more, please click here.

    W Magazine selects Dr. Sam Rizk

    Top New York Facial Plastic Surgeon Dr. Rizk featured in a recent W Magazine as a Top 3D Facelift and Necklift Surgeon. Dr. Sam Rizk is a well known pioneer of the 3D high-definition telescopic system – the latest approach in Facial Plastic Surgery Procedures. Dr. Rizk’s natural-looking approach sets him apart from the crowd and makes him a top choice for Facial Plastic Surgery.

    To read more, please click here.

    The Wall Street Journal – The Safest Face-Lift
    Featured in a recent edition of the Wall Street Journal, Expert New York Facial Plastic Surgeon Dr. Sam Rizk is among a short list of who to choose and what questions to ask when searching for a facial plastic surgeon to achieve a natural-looking, safe, and long lasting face-lift. In the article, Dr. Rizk suggests checking before and after photos of the prospective surgeon, saying “You’re looking to see what their idea of beauty is. See, you can end up at a technically expert surgeon and be disappointed, if your version of beauty is different than his.” Dr. Rizk also asks “How do you intend to get a natural-looking result?” and answers that “you are looking for a surgeon who tells you specifically, that he is doing a lift of both the skin and underlying muscle – which takes extra skill and training, but generally creates a face-lift that lasts longer and avoids the bad face-lift/wind-tunnel appearance.”

    To read the full article, please click here.

    In a recent article published by GRAZIA Magazine, Expert NYC Facial Plastic Surgeon Dr. Sam Rizk speaks about Celebrity Plastic Surgery and Cameron Diaz.

    Dr. Rizk comments on the “pillow face surgery” that Cameron Diaz appears to have recently undergone, and in his expert opinion, says it could be due to overdone fat or cheek implants. The swelling of Diaz’s face is unlikely due to fillers, unless she had a lot of it. Dr. Rizk also mentions that it could be due to Laser Resurfacing procedures that can cause temporary swelling.

    To read the full article, please click here.

    Cameron Diaz

    Fashion Group International – Featured Dr. Sam Rizk speaking about PRP Facelift

    Top New York Plastic Surgeon and Facelift Specialist, Dr. Sam Rizk discusses new generation facelift procedure, called PRP Facelift. In his practice, Dr. Rizk combines conventional method and his customized techniques to achieve natural, long-lasting results with minimal downtime. New York facial plastic surgeon, Dr. Rizk is famous for utilizing the latest PureGraft 250 and 3D high-definition technology.

    To read the full article, please click here

    stylegoesstrong.com Top NYC Board Certified Facial Plastic Surgeon Dr. Sam Rizk is featured on Stylegoesstrong.com as an expert in rhinoplasty for Hispanic patients. Dr. Rizk explains that distinct nose traits of Hispanic and Latino patients require special consideration and knowledge. Dr. Rizk utilizes his innovative approaches in Rhinoplasty and Facelift surgery to the specific elasticities which make him the Best Facial Plastic Specialist.

    Mann Cover July 2010

    Top New York Facial Plastic Surgeon Dr. Sam Rizk is one of the pioneers of the latest PRP facelift technique, the Pure Graft System. Featured in the July 2010 issue of Mann About Town Magazine, Dr. Rizk talks about the process engaged in the procedure and addresses the benefits of this innovative cosmetic facelift method. Dr. Rizk explains that this technique involves using a patient’s own fat, and is therefore “superior to synthetic fillers, it lasts longer and there is no risk of allergic reaction”.

    To read more about PRP Facelifts, click here.

    Featured on MSNBC.com, Top New York Facial Plastic Surgeon, Dr. Sam Rizk comments about the rise of mother-daughter “cosmetic duets” appearing across the country. “I see it when there’s a wedding,” says Rizk. “The mother wants to have a little face lift and the daughter is getting a nose job. Or they both come in for Botox or fillers. I’ve even seen a daughter-mother-grandmother combo.” Seeing a family member go through plastic surgery can affect the decision of the individual, such as when a daughter sees the outcome of her mother looking rejuvenated and youthful again.

    To read more about this rising family trend, click here.

    Top New York Facial Plastic Surgeon and Rhinoplasty Specialist, Dr. Sam Rizk, was selected by the most trusted reference source, the Castle Connolly Guide, as one of its “Top Doctors” in the New York Metro Area for 2009. Based on his peers and patients reviews, Dr. Sam Rizk has been chosen as a “Top Primary and Specialty care physician”. Well-recognized for his innovative techniques, New York City Facial Plastic Surgeon Dr. Rizk is considered to be the first plastic surgeon to ever utilize 3d high definition live rhinoplasty and new powered-instrumentation cartilage sculpting techniques in Rhinoplasty surgeries.

    See also: Castle Connolly’s Letter

    Body Language Magazine

    New York facial plastic surgeon Dr. Sam Rizk makes an appearance on The European Journal of Medical Aesthetics and Anti-Aging, where he discusses different facelift techniques that he uses in his practice. Dr. Rizk talks about several procedures, reviewing how he performs deep plane, endotine and short scar facelifts. His facelift surgeries result in a natural appearance and create definition along the jaw line and neck, which can be a key element of beauty.

    U.K. based Tatler Magazine has included Dr. Sam Rizk in the latest “Beauty and Cosmetic Surgery Guide 2010” Special Edition. In an article titled “Postcards from the Cutting Edge,” Dr. Rizk, Director of Manhattan Facial Plastic Surgery is featured as one of the Star Surgeons, described as having a practice “with its own super-discreet operating theatre and multilingual staff.” Labeling his rapid recovery techniques as being “light years ahead of his peers,” Tatler quotes Dr. Rizk who says, “I redistribute fat from the jowls back to where it belongs on the cheekbones.”

    Tomorrow Show with Mo Rocca
    Featured on CBS News, Dr. Rizk speaks with Mo Rocca on his show “The Tomorrow Show with Mo Rocca” about what can be done to stay “Forever Young”. Mo Rocca speculates about how our species is living longer due to advancements in technology and speaks with one of Manhattan’s top plastic surgeons, Dr. Sam Rizk, on what we can do about our looks as we progress in age and live longer. Dr. Rizk shows Mo Rocca what happens to his face as he ages and what procedures can be done to correct them in a natural way.

    Click here to watch the video on CBS News.

    3D Facelift

    3D Facelift

    “Demi Moore’s face is smooth and youthful-looking – but with none of the frozen features of other over-Botoxed stars decades younger than her. And while her body looks taut and toned, even top cosmetic surgeons find it difficult to pinpoint exactly what the 46-year-old has had done recently.”

    “The secret to Demi’s unlined but naturally plump-looking facial features is, Grazia can reveal, a procedure called the 3D Neck and Facelift, pioneered by New York-based surgeon to the stars, Dr Sam Rizk. The $20,000 operation uses 3D imaging to analyse the face and then microsurgery to scoop out fat from the jowls and reposition it in the cheekbones.”

    Harper's Bazaar September 2009

    Featured in the September issue of Harper’s Bazaar, Dr. Rizk comments on the issue of “Instant Anti-Aging Makeovers” for the “Best of Beauty” section. Dr. Rizk says “Botox is great for the brow. I don’t like how unnatural brow lifts can look.”

    As a well known New York facial plastic surgeon, Dr. Rizk is featured in the article discussing Botox and how it works great for the brow, and how brow lifts can usually look unnatural.

    The Washington Times
    Dr. Sam Rizk, a board-certified plastic surgeon, said he has seen a rise over the past year of executives, many out of work, traveling to his New York practice for a facial cleanup to improve their chances against tough competition.

    The surgical work is not cheap, he said, but for patients such as Mr. Slatkin, it’s an increasingly important investment to set them apart in the business world.

    “Some of them have held a job for 25 years, are in their late 40s, early 50s, and have never considered plastic surgery,” he said. “Now they are laid off, the competition is fierce and they find themselves going into the job market with a lot of younger people.

    “I think that our society and our country judges us by our appearance, whether we like it or not. But these are men who want to be judged by their resume, very educated people,” he said. “If you give the image that you are tired and have not slept, that image doesn’t do well in an interview and people do make character judgments about the way you look.”

    Mr. Slatkin added, “The economy is so bad … and it’s not getting better soon. You need hope. This gives you hope.”

    Excerpt from “The Washington Times”
    Read the Full Article Here

    PSP Magazine

    “A Must-Have List for Aesthetic Bookworms” says Plastic Surgery Practice Magazine. A new publication by Dr. Sam Rizk is scheduled to release for September 2009.  The book promises a completely new approach to facial rejuvenation. Dr. Rizk takes on established methods and offers a new alternative to the facelifted postop look that has turned off so many people.

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