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  • Plastic Surgery Practice Journal features Dr Rizk’s customized ethnic rhinoplasty

    Plastic Surgery Practice Magazine features Dr.Rizk discussing the specifics of ethnic rhinoplasty. He goes into depth discussing the differences between traditional rhinoplasty and his approach to address the issue for his multiethnic patients. He also speaks about how some Asians and African Americans typically have a low dorsum. He explores rhinoplasty in ethnic men and the growing popularity of the procedure in the Middle East, and finishes off discussing how Ethnic Preservation rhinoplasty is the most difficult aspect of ethnic rhinoplasty.

    To read more, please click here.

    PSP MAGAZINE: Rhinoplasty in 3D

    December 3rd, 2009

    Alongside his cover story in the November issue of Plastic Surgery Practice, Dr. Rizk discusses his pioneering work in the field of rhinoplasty. The article titled “Rhinoplasty in 3D” covers new techniques for smoother sculpting of cartilage grafts – micro-powered diamond technology – instead of traditonal knife sculpting. The result is a very smooth outcome for patients.

    Dr. Sam Rizk is the subject of the cover story in PSP Magazine for the November 2009 issue: “Taking Risks” by Amy Di Leo

    Dr. Rizk’s pioneering 3D high-definition telescopic approach to rhinoplasty and neck lift surgery sets him apart from the crowd. By consistently aiming to customize and perfect his surgical craft, Dr. Rizk enjoys a strong patient base that comes to him mostly through referrals.

    ABOUT THE MAGAZINE: “Plastic Surgery Practice (PSP) is the magazine that 12,000 plastic surgeons rely on for the latest information on the clinical innovations, practice-management trends, emerging products and technologies, and news stories that drive their field. With well-thought-out articles by leading practitioners, PSP gets to the core of the most complex issues in plastic surgery, including controversial new treatments, the use of highly technical equipment, and physician-patient interactions.”

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