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  • Click to View: Dr. Samieh Rizk calls CW channel to explain the audience what are the issues with doing cosmetic surgical prcocedures overseas.

    An increasingly popular trend has been discussed on CW recently – how more and more Americans choose to fly to other countries in South America and Asia in order to undergo medical procedures, paying much less than they would have if the procedure was done in the U.S. Dr. Rizk explained and was presenting before/after photos, showing how simple procedures can get complicated if not performed by well-trained experienced plastic surgeons.

    Dr. Rizk says that even if originally the price seems to be lower, in case of complications and the need of revision surgery, the overall cost can be greater than having a surgery in New York or Los Angeles. Certain surgeries such as facelift and rhinoplasty can change a person’s look significantly, and if the results are not satisfactory, a revision surgery is needed and should be only performed by an experienced surgeon who has been dealing with many similar cases in the past.

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