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  • Plastic surgery does not always go the way it should. Unfortunately, very often the outcomes of plastic surgery do not meet the expectations of many patients. With revision rhinoplasty, sometimes a surgical mistake or poor healing can result in a bad outcome requiring revision rhinoplasty.

    Dr. Sam Rizk is a double board certified top facial plastic surgeon in New York who does revision rhinoplasty. In one of the cases shown on the FOX National News segment about Plastic Surgery Nightmares, Dr. Rizk helps correct multiple areas of the patient’s nose, damaged by previous plastic surgeries. After the reconstructive operation, the patient’s nose looks straighter, more defined, and has improved breathing capability.

    YouTube Preview Image

    One Response to “FOX 5 National – Revision Rhinoplasty Plastic Surgery Nightmares”

    1. Joana Says:

      Hello Doctor Rizk, my name is Joana and I am sooo glad I came across your website!

      I’ve had a previous nose surgery done when I was only 15 years old because the doctor told me that I should wait till my nose sttoped growing. I went in to fix a broken nose and a extremely unconfortable deviated septum.
      The doctor performed a closed rhinoplasty but I also requested slightly slimmer bridge and a less bulbous tip. My result was a natural looking nose, significantly improved but with some very unflatering angles. For example, I dont have any kind of definition in the tip of my nose, so, when I smile, my nose seems to be too short and it adopts this almost hooked shape.

      Due to this issue, I am extremely unconfortable taking pictures and I decided that I am sick of obssessing over a physical characteristic that could possibly be improved.

      I’ve spent the last year doing extensive research, analised blogs, reviews, lists and finaly from all the duzens of websites I’ve looked into yours as strucked me the most since I noticed a pattern of consistency in results as well as tecnique originality and a noticible precision. I also praise you for being one of few doctors who carrys a blog, updating patient photos and experiences.

      I am extremely unhappy with my current nose because I am an actress and unfortunatly my work deals greatly with image. And, as all artists working in the entertainment industry, I wish to look my best 🙂

      I am very suprised by your work and I would love to be one of your patients since I truly believe that you would give me the nose I was initially meant to have.

      Now, adressing my main concern. I would like to know how much you would charge for a revision rhinoplasty (generally)? and If there is any way of doing payment plan with smaller amounts?

      Thank you so much for your time, I would very much apreciate a reply from you *** Take care

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