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  • Dr. Rizk’s use of a 3D telescope helps with rapid recovery by allowing Dr. Rizk to view the interior of the nose better, so that he can avoid disturbing certain blood vessels and tissues. This high-definition, computer-assisted technology projects a picture of the nasal bridge onto a TV screen, where Dr. Rizk can get a close-up view of the area to be treated.

    The 3D telescope lets Dr. Rizk see a blood-free area called the sub-Smas plane. This helps Dr. Rizk to make smaller incisions and perform precise excision of the nasal cartilage and bone, in turn leading to less bleeding and less tissue damage, because the soft tissue envelope is left intact. The result is reduced swelling and bruising, better healing and more natural outcomes.

    Rhinoplasty patients also benefit from Dr. Rizk’s use of the 3D telescope because it leads to shorter recovery times. Dr. Rizk’s patients are typically up and about in about five days, as opposed to the standard two weeks.

    For more information on Dr. Rizk’s use of the 3D telescope for rapid recovery rhinoplasty, contact his office today.

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