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  • Dr. Rizk uses a number of special surgical technologies and techniques that promote rapid recovery. The combination of these methods is unique to Dr. Rizk.

    One of the keys to the rapid recovery experienced by Dr. Rizk’s patients is his use of a high-definition 3D telescope. This allows for smaller incisions and greater precision. By using the 3D telescope Dr. Rizk is able to get a better view of small blood vessels and tissues that when disturbed may cause bruising and swelling.

    Another element that makes Dr. Rizk’s rapid recovery regimen unique is his use of special tissue glues and dissolvable sutures inside the nose. These aid the healing process by eliminating the need for nasal packing, which can disturb nasal tissues and lead to prolonged swelling. Dr. Rizk pioneered a technique whereby he only partially closes the incisions. This revolutionary method, which allows for natural drainage and prevents blood and fluid from collecting under the skin, is unique to Dr. Rizk’s rapid recovery program. The incisions self-seal within about five days.

    Dr. Rizk also uses a unique sculpting technique that contributes to rapid recovery. Dr. Rizk’s technique for removing a bump is unique because he does not use traditional large non-powered rasps which creates significant skin bruising and swelling by its back/forth movement. Dr. Rizk uses instead powered-circular micro-rasps which are much more accurate and due to its circular motion do not traumatize the overlying skin. Specifically, Dr. Rizk sculpts at a layer below the muscle layer directly on bone and cartilage-a layer with less blood vessels and less bleeding. This “clean plane” approach reduces bruising. Moreover, sculpting at this deep muscle layer that is above the cartilage and bone eliminates harsh edges and softens the nose’s shape, resulting in a more natural look.

    Amazingly, patients who undergo rhinoplasty with Dr. Rizk’s unique rapid recovery program typically look presentable within five days.

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