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  • To achieve natural looking results, it is very important that Middle Eastern patients locate a rhinoplasty surgeon with extensive experience performing ethnic rhinoplasty — specifically ethnic rhinoplasty. This is because the Middle Eastern nose differs from other noses in several ways.

    Many Middle Eastern noses have a high dorsum and droopy nasal tip that makes the nose appear longer. To achieve natural looking results, it is often necessary to reduce a nasal hump, lift the nasal tip, correct the droopiness in the tip and/or narrow the nostrils.

    One of the primary goals of a Middle Eastern nose job is often to give the nose a more aesthetically pleasing profile. The goal of all rhinoplasty procedures is to create symmetry and harmony with the other facial features. With Middle Eastern and other non-Caucasian patients this means changing the shape of the nose in a way that refines and preserves their unique ethnic characteristics.

    Contact Dr. Rizk today to learn how he achieves natural results in Middle Eastern patients.

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