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  • So long as your rhinoplasty procedure goes well, the results should last for a lifetime. Aging should not affect the actual results in any way.

    However, your nose will continue to age, just like every other part of your face. This can manifest in a number of ways, including skin blemishes from sun damage, larger pores, and larger blood vessels at the corner of the nose. In addition, thanks to gravity, the tip of the nose can lose some degree of projection. This can make the nose look longer in elderly people, some of whom decide to have rhinoplasty surgery in order to correct it.

    In the past, older rhinoplasty procedures sometimes compromised the nasal structure, a factor that is very important for lasting results. With modern rhinoplasty techniques, this is no longer the case.

    Prior to surgery, some rhinoplasty patients are so focused on their noses that they fail to notice signs of aging elsewhere on the face. Following rhinoplasty, some of these patients begin to notice these signs of aging. However, this has nothing to do the results of their rhinoplasty procedures.

    To learn more about the aging process and cosmetic surgery, speak to your surgeon.

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