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  • Alar batten grafts are grafts used to strengthen the nasal airways in order to prevent alar retraction or to treat nasal valve collapse. They can also be used to treat a “pinched” nasal appearance. “Alar” refers to the nasal ala while “batten” is a nautical term that means to stiffen.

    In cases of nasal valve collapse, alar batten grafts are used when the nasal sidewall is collapsed, causing narrowing of the nasal valve that may lead to breathing problems.

    Alar batten grafts are placed in pockets just above the lower lateral cartilages. They may be made of costal, septal or conchal cartilage. Conchal is the least sturdy of these and is therefore not the best option for some patients.

    In certain cases alar batten grafts may be combined with septoplasty or septorhinoplasty.

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