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  • As with any surgery, rhinoplasty comes with some risks. While serious complications are relatively rare, there may be more risk associated with rhinoplasty than with other procedures, because it one of the most complex of all plastic surgery procedures.

    For starters, every rhinoplasty patient experiences some swelling around the eyes and nose.

    There are some complications of rhinoplasty that may occur during the actual procedure. These are known as intraoperative complications. One such risk is a negative reaction to rhinoplasty medications or anesthesia. As with most rhinoplasty risks, these are rare. However, to account for this possibility, a tube is often placed in the airway to prevent any potential breathing problems associated with a reaction.

    In the immediate postoperative period, there is a small risk of excessive bleeding, reactions to medication, and other complications. Since the patient is still in the clinic or surgical facility during this period, the surgeon and support staff should be able to handle such complications.

    “Late operative” complications refer to those that occur after the patient has been discharged from the clinic. The risk of these complications is relatively rare. They include bleeding and reaction to medications, as well as unexpected swelling and trauma due to a bump on the nose.

    Other rhinoplasty risks include injury to or perforation of the septum (the wall between the nostrils), infection, skin irritation or necrosis, and nasal blockage.

    If any of these complications occur, contact your rhinoplasty surgeon immediately so that he or she can address them right away. The risks of rhinoplasty are greater if you fail to follow your surgeon’s instructions, so be sure to do exactly what your surgeon asks you to do.

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