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  • The formation of scabs inside the nose, sometimes called “crusting,” is common following rhinoplasty. Minor bleeding is likely involved, and dissolvable sutures can also be a contributing factor when they don’t dissolve fast enough. Both are normal and to be expected.

    There are several things you can do to lessen the amount of scabbing in your nose after rhinoplasty. Many facial plastic surgeons advise their patients to cleanse the inside of the nose using Q-tips doused in hydrogen peroxide. There are also several things patients can try to keep the nasal passageways moist. These include simple methods such as placing a humidifier next to the bed or taking a shower in order to expose the nose to steam. Nasal saline rinses and products like AYR and Ocean Mist can also help. Some rhinoplasty surgeons recommend rubbing Vaseline on the inside of the nose.

    Some patients may experience excessive scabbing as a result of the procedure itself. If the nasal airways end up being too open, for example, a patient may experience dry nose syndrome. If air passes through too easily it can dry the blood and other fluids; this can lead to infection, so if you’re experiencing this, contact your surgeon to make sure this doesn’t happen. In more rare cases, scabbing may be the result of a deep ulcer or perforation beneath the scabs.

    To learn more about which method(s) you can use to address postoperative nasal scabbing in your situation, contact your rhinoplasty surgeon.

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