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  • The best candidates for Asian rhinoplasty share many things in common with other patients. However there are also things that can distinguish them from other patients.

    Anyone considering rhinoplasty, including Asian rhinoplasty, should:

    • Be in good physical and emotional health
    • Have a fully developed nose (15 or 16 years of age in girls; 17 or 18 in boys)
    • Have realistic expectations of the procedure’s outcome
    • Understand the possible risks and complications
    • Understand postoperative responsibilities, as outlined by Dr. Rizk

    There are also factors specific to Asian rhinoplasty that may make a person a good candidate. These may include certain anatomical differences that often apply to Asian rhinoplasty candidates, such as a flat bridge with little definition, wider nostrils, and/or a small nasal tip. Asian nose jobs often focuses on reducing, rather than augmenting, the nasal structures.
    Many Asian candidates seek to enhance nose symmetry, create a more defined tip and bridge, and/or narrow the nostrils. If any of this sounds familiar, you may be a good candidate for Asian rhinoplasty.

    Contact Dr. Rizk to learn more about Asian rhinoplasty.

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